Friedland Vining Intellectual Property Attorneys

Building a Fortress for Your Brand

Trademark, Copyright, and Patent

Friedland Vining serves clients in advising, negotiating and executing acquisition transactions involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and domain names. We advise clients on how to obtain, protect, commercialize, and transfer intellectual property rights.

ADR and Mediation

Whether before the initiation of litigation or as a result of a Court requirement, alternative dispute resolution is a path Friedland Vining frequently counsels its clients to follow. Mediation – a shuttle diplomacy-like, confidential proceeding – is often a cost-effective means by which parties can try to narrow the scope of, or potentially resolve, their disputes.

Enforcement and Defense

Your company’s Intellectual Property is among its most valuable assets. Friedland Vining recognizes the importance of protecting your company’s Intellectual Property, enforcing these rights when the need arises, and defending your position should a claim be asserted against your company in connection with a third party’s purported rights.