Enforcement and Defense


Your company’s Intellectual Property is among its most valuable assets.  Friedland Vining recognizes the importance of protecting your company’s Intellectual Property, enforcing these rights when the need arises, and defending your position should a claim be asserted against your company in connection with a third party’s purported rights.



Using our past experiences as models and examples, Friedland Vining works with our clients to create custom-tailored enforcement programs that focus upon specific needs and goals.  Using our network of investigators, brand management specialists, and locally situated counsel, Friedland Vining assists clients with enforcement efforts that diligently represent the brand while effectively managing the cost element.

The attorneys at Friedland Vining have been frequently recognized for achieving successful results for our clients in complex cases involving all aspects of intellectual property law. Friedland Vining excels at providing critical procedural, strategic and substantive advice designed to assist clients with the protection of their technology, goodwill and brand value while reaching their goals within time and budget constraints. From the outset of each case, we explore with our clients the potential opportunities, risks, and costs associated with dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiated settlements.


Defense of Claims

In those situations where our clients are accused of infringing or misappropriating third parties’ Intellectual Property rights, Friedland Vining can help develop strategies to overcome these allegations or better position our clients to resolve these matters with minimal disruption of day-to-day business operations.  Based on our experience with defending claims brought against our clients, we are able to suggest unique, outside-the-box approaches aimed at enabling our clients to focus their resources and energy on their day-to-day responsibilities.  When defending claims, Friedland Vining provides our clients with various options, ranging from proactively, aggressively initiating steps aimed at placing the other side on its heels to simply reacting to actions taken by the accuser.



Infringement and Unfair Competition