In today’s day and age, the competition to develop the next big technological advancement is at an all-time high. Updates come out every day, and the race to be an industry leader is tougher than ever. Whether it’s a new app, software or gadget, you’ll want to be sure to protect your ideas and get your name in the books alongside the greatest. Friedland Vining has represented cases that involved XXX.

Luxury Brands

Luxury brand names are synonymous with high-quality. With the desire for these labels comes an increase in counterfeit goods. When it comes to making sure you are getting what you paid for, or making sure your customer’s aren’t being deceived by lesser-quality imposters, our attorneys are on your side


Lifestyle includes fashion, beauty products, technology, retail, restaurants and entertainment to name a few. Because it is so encompassing, it is easy to violate copyright laws.

Food & Beverage

When it comes to food and beverage, not only is taste a factor, but so is artwork, design, packaging and marketing slogans. Different combinations bring out new flavors, but who is to say what can be claimed as an original idea to be copyrighted? When it comes to new ideas, Friendland Vining’s attorneys have worked to protect those leading the way in the food and beverage industry.

Real Estate

The slightest difference between amenities featured at separate real estate properties can make or break a buyer’s decision to sign on the dotted line. This can include landscape, interior design, location, theme or anything else that makes a property stand out above the rest.

Fashion & Apparel

New styles, brand names, and designs are all easy to copy when it comes to bringing fashion and apparel to the public. Trends never truly die but instead come full circle. When they do, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line between vintage and copyright infringement. Friedland Vining’s attorneys have worked with clients who have had cases like this on their hands.

Travel & Hospitality

Hotels, airlines, cruises and resorts must have that “It Factor”, something that makes them stand out above their competition. Is it free baggage, an airport shuttle, a signature drink at the bar, or a traditional show every night? Maybe it’s a catchy slogan than helps the public remember what makes them stand out in a crowd of many.


Innovation, creativity and originality are key parts of entertainment. A remake of a movie, show or musical pays homage to an original, and new songs sample old beats and snippets, but there are procedures to follow to make sure the original estate gets credit where it’s due. At some point, a significant overlap between plotlines and characters will leave you in a messy legal situation.