You may recall that last summer, after a month-long investigation, City of New York officials seized approximately 44,000 counterfeit and unlicensed DVDs and CDs with an estimated value of over $550,000 from a self-storage facility in Brooklyn. The seizure was part of the Office of Special Enforcement’s ongoing efforts to combat counterfeiting. According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the Office also filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary closing and restraining order—the first in city history against storage facilities. 

 Now, through an agreement with the City, Safeguard—the owners of the raided storage facility as well as twenty other self-storage locations throughout New York City—has agreed to support efforts against counterfeiting through the adoption of a code of best practices, which includes a requirement to report all suspected criminal activity to law enforcement. 

 “New York City is the home to many artists and other creative people who earn their living designing quality products,” said Mayor Bloomberg in the City’s press release. “By going after the facilities where the counterfeit goods are stored, we prevent the distribution of thousands of illegal goods before they hit city streets and before designers, consumers and tax payers become victims.”

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